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You owe me a few Havana's now

The ScanGauge arrived today - from Greece of all places - more toys !

For starters, I'll be calibrating the indicated speed and distance against GPS.
I already know true speed is off by roughly 2 or 3 km/h across the range when compared to the tacho speed, but the ScanGauge will give a better speed reading than the tacho.

I'll have the car weighed later this week.
I know what's gone out, by filling up shortly after that, I can calculate how much fuel was in there, so I'll also know the original weight and be able to compare that to its official weight.

Calibrating the ScanGauge and determining actual vehicle weight will require topping up the fuel tank, rather than filling up only halfway and save some more weight.

Unfortunately, I'm less happy with the way my current tank is going.
Winds and heavy rain during the last 2 days have taken their toll on FE.
I was all too often between 0.5 and 1 L /100km over the usual FC for a given stretch of road. That hurts badly !

A lot of the driving I do is on roads with severe lane grooves.
They're bad enough when dry, but become a real FE killer in the rain.
Driving faster in the fast lanes that are less affected, might actually be the better option.

I was working my way down to 4.4L/100km from 4.5 (indicated) but instead it's gone up to 4.6 - while the total distance prediction is now barely over 1100km
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