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Thanks 88crx HF

thank you for replying. i am located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Things here related to autos are still very primitive. NO he is not doing any reprogramming or modification to ECU, he is just playing around with wires, joining this wire with that. he havent used any scanner to really know the problem. he just count the CEL blinking. But he is still considered as the best one here and i think is the only one who really know anything about 3 stage both CVT and MT. I'll be getting my own scanner in two weeks time. on is CARMD and the other is OBD2 All-In-One Scan Tool w/ USB. Plz do comment on these two items as i still have a days or so to final my purchase.
Lastly when i was banging my head from forum to forum, i saw your thread and thats when i really made up my mind to put in 3 stage engine. very nice thread and an excellent contribution by you. many thank for that too. One thing i must share, honda specifications here are very different from rest of the world. like my old engine block said "PK6V". it was a D16Y"6", 1.6L vti 1998. plz do comment. many thanks again.

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