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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Idle @ 14.5 kPa
Max. I've seen was just over 33 kPa (going up an incline).
Min. 11.5 kPa (engine braking)
I'm suprised it went down, we don't get a vacumn in a Diesel - no throttle. Mine is 14.8 at idle which is normal atmo pressure at sea level (I'm by the coast). No idea about max.

Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
Don't expect IGN in a diesel!! I also don't get LP, TFC or FPR either. I'll have to see if I have TPS.
I have IGN (TDI ) and TPS.

*Does little dance.

But I have no idea what it means

Also have LOD but it seems random, as I tapped. Apparently full chat in 3rd overtaking only gets 75, but pottering along behind a truck gets 55.

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