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Grill block testing : whoohoooo !

I just got back from testing the grill block - over 150km or nearly 100 miles.

I've tested it mostly at 100, with stints up to 110 and 120 kph to see if these speeds caused a rise in coolant temperature.
3 flat-out acceleration tests to 120 kph were done on the on-ramp of the motorway, 2 of these uphill.
  • Warm-up is obviously quicker - even in summer (ambient temp. 25C / 77F), should be even better in winter.
  • Coolant temperature is up by only 3 to 4 C (80 -> 83/84C)
  • Max. temp. is up by only 2 C according to the ScanGauge2 (83C to 85C)
  • No difference is to be seen on the car's temperature gauge.
  • Feels like its accelerating quicker, smoother.
  • Butt feeling is it coast further, with less aero braking @ higher speed.
  • But most importantly, it's definitely reducing fuel consumption !
    1. I've run my normal commute, and FC is lower everywhere.
    2. Previous lows are now the regular thing, while the new lows are pretty stunning - to me anyway
    3. The reductions seen are between 0.3 and 0.5 L/100km less - that's HUGE !
    4. Despite the testing at higher speeds, quicker accelerations, and rather intense traffic, the car's FE indicator dropped from 4.4L/100km down to 4.2L/100km (ScanGauge is still being calibrated), which was usually hard to do but now went without any effort !

Took the car to the DIY carwash afterwards, and it doesn't look like the black tape mod is going to hold up well in wet conditions.
I'll have to make it permanent rather quickly.

I've also debadged the rear of the car.
Soaked the badges overnight with WD40, and got them off using flossing wire. All that remains now is a bit of goo
GasDwarf's fuel consumption :
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