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Factory Aero mods that you may find interesting.

I saw a very rare car last night on the road and posted it on a hotrod site I visit. Then we started talking about other "production" aero mods that manufacturers have done and sold them to the public to allow them to qualify for NASCAR. Some interesting things to show you what can be done to make a car slicker in the wind. It's called "free horsepower". You loose NOTHING, only gain. Unlike a blower which takes horse power to run, or other mods to the motor which have a give and take, aerodynamics are FREE, they sacrifice nothing.

This is the car I saw last night. I don't believe I have ever seen one on the road, a 1987 Monte Carlo Aero coupe.

One with a "little" history.

And a standard Monte Carlo.....

One of my favorites, a 1969 Talladega Torino Check out the extended nose and the REAR bumper narrowed and put on the front! Remember, these cars are not one off mods done by hotrodders, they were done by the manufacturers, maybe 1500 or 2000 were made and sold to the general public so it could qualify as a "production car" as per NASCAR rules.

And a standard Torino

Here is the most famous of these cars, the Dodge Daytona Or in this case a Plymouth "Super bird". Basically the same car. These you will see once in a while, I believe they sell repro parts to make them so some you see will be fakes.

And a standard version, you may have seen before.

The Mercury Cyclone spoiler was pretty cool.

And the standard version.

Very interesting stuff, and HISTORY being NASCAR has went down the crapper they will NEVER be as interesting as creative, as this. Now they are all the same and I have no reason what so ever to watch it.


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