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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
The CitroŽn has covered front wheels, too! Do they hinge out like the AeroCivic?

CitroŽn Eole concept car
I think the concept called for the front wheel spats to angle out Aerocivic style but the Eole was not a runner just a concept. Like most of these concepts it was made by hand using body filler on top of a CX chassis so it would have been very heavy.

Although Citroennet say it tested active suspension I think the real tests were done on CX and Xantia mule models, but they did come up with the Activa running prototype Coupe which was a rebodied Xantia.

Promotional video of the Activa (including 4 wheel steering) and horse action

There was a 'for sale' version of the Xantia Activa which had the active suspension system (without 4 wheel steering). It gave superb grip and ride even compared to the normal Xantia with the hydro suspension system which was already better than most cars and quite good looking.

Then they made the C5 which fell down the ugly stairs. Several times.

The inside is better than the outside, mainly as you can't see the outside from in there Shame as it is a good drive and the estates are pretty useful. Just not pretty.
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