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I was driving pretty conservatively to get those MPG numbers. I have a 50 mile one way commute that is mostly on the highway (I-5, 205 & 580). I usually drive in the middle or right lane going about 65mph or so with minimal drafting and clutch-in on downhills. My last tank, however, was only 50 MPG which made sense as I was driving about as fast as I could in that car for 200 miles.

I do plan to do some aero mods as well as remove some more weight from the car. I figure that weight reduction should help a bit as I tend to end up in a lot of stop and go traffic where I am constantly having to accelerate from being stopped. I am also looking into reducing my electrical load by replacing my headlights and taillights with LED type units which may have lower current draw. I had previously installed a lightweight racing battery in the car and have found that it doesn't run the lights, fans, etc... as well as the original one did with the addition of the underdrive pulley.

All in all, I am super excited to work on this project. It may prove to be more fun than my 2002 Civic Si (and costs sooooo much less).
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