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There are a few things worth noting here.

Smaller turbocharged engine are definitely more efficient than larger engines, even when on boost in certain circumstances. It just mainly depends on if you hit fuel enrichment under boost or not and if the engine has to pull ignition timing back. However, the 2.0L isn't a small engine to start with for a car of that size. If you look at the EPA ratings for the 2.0L turbo and 2.0L NA, the NA gets better mileage as would be expected.

A lower compression ratio engine is generally less efficient. You can't compare an AWD car to a FWD car, theres more losses in the AWD due to the drivetrain.

I'm as doubtful as robertsmalls here. My guess would be either you had a good amount of downhill coasting (and the trip back would be much lower), or you had a short fill, or both. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but that vehicle at that speed just doesn't equal that mileage.
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