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i would love to try one too, but unfortunately the united states are stupid and seem to think you have to have the biggest size bike available. i never will understand why someone feels they need a 1800cc motorcycle. can we say overkill anyone. and its even funnier that they cant legally go any faster than i can on my 250cc. and even illegally they cant out run me up to about 90 MPH. but that is just the stupid thinking here, ya know, bigger bike is better bike. yeah right. the only thing you get out of a big bike is more fuel consumption. it always cracks me up when i see someone pay 10,000-20,000 dollars for a bike that gets about 35-40 MPG. shoot, my ford escort will do that, and its got air conditioner. they need to bring more 125cc bikes to the US, i think they would be amazed at how quick they would sell, especially with gas being close to $3 a gallon.
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