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I'm not sure what a short fill means, but I went from a full tank / 0 miles on the trip OD to filling until the pump clicked off. After squeezing another dollar into it filling it to the brim, you could consider it about 8.4 gallons which would still equate to 48.80 mpg.

I assure you there's no smoke & mirrors. This has everything to do with the driving techniques here and my relationship with my automobiles. Quite frankly, I hoped to use less gas than I did. I achieved a high of 47 mpg in my dodge Neon with 160,000 miles, about 37 in my Subaru Legacy with 204,000 miles..... so my Saab which tips the scales at 2,700 lbs getting as high as it did really isn't as difficult as it sounds. Each way on the trip was roughly 180 miles, I had the engine off for an estimated 40 miles each way as I rolled down hills effortlessly (and up and over the next one fairly quickly with the speeds I obtained going down hill. Out of my 410 miles, perhaps 70-80 of them were with the engine not running at all. The rest were at (what I call) peak engine performance. 410 -70 = 340. 340 / 8g = 42.5mpg. That ought to help put it in perspective a bit. Free mileage = outstanding numbers. I believe anybody can do it, I'm no pioneer just love to experiment.

Any other theories on why / how I may have miscalculated or what could potentially have skewed my results? I'm always eager to take on other perspectives. Thanks
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