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MetroMPG - I don't have a good pic yet, but the majority of my interior is gone. I still have a passenger side seatbelt, dashboard, driver carpet, tire and tools but I plan to get rid of most of the dash pretty soon. I didn't get into any heat gun stripping or anything like that, though I did remove the headliner. Right now I am working on creating a fiberglass hatch to replace the steel one. If that works out, I will make my own hood next. I tried making my own plastic windows for the back three, but I suck at cutting without creating a crack so I plan to take a template over to TAP Plastics sometime next week or so.

doviatt - My bike also cost more than my car so I know what you mean. Although that is not too tough at this point (my son & daughter's double jogger stroller cost about the same as my initial Geo investment). I really like the Metro and am very excited to be driving one right now even though it has been pretty hot lately and I was so spoiled with AC before. After I get my plastic windows in the back, I will tint them so that the car doesn't heat up so much. Also, I removed the passenger side air vent line and blocked it up so that ALL the air goes straight to me now. I am just rambling... It is just such a fun car I love to talk/write about it.
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