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Originally Posted by Varn View Post
Hey guys why should someone NOT purchase or build a large bike if that is what they want, can afford and find the most fun.

Japanese motorcycle manufactures learned about 35 years ago that sales went through the roof once they started making bikes that the majority of riders wanted.

If you just have to have a 125, just pry the motor out of your existing 250 and put in a 125.
thats the whole point. you CAN buy the biggest motorcycle YOU want, but we dont have the option to get the 125cc bikes that WE want. so whos getting the shaft here, huh? but that is the exact kind of thinking i am talking about. most americans think that if it gets any better than 45 MPG, or is any slower than 80 MPH, then it isnt worth having. having a 1000cc bike to get around town is like having a 10 inch pecker and only getting to use the first 3 inches.
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