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@ Euromodder - Haha, yeah well, I'm only 6 years older than my car, but I guess I'm not yesterday's child anymore

Original hubcabs more aero = agree, but the improved stopping power of the 195 15's are more important to me than the fuel economy improvement the 165 13"s might give.

I do want to delete the mudflaps and have an aftermarket "big-bumper arhes and sill" kit at home. If I want to fit them I have to lose the flaps, but I haven't figured out yet how the sills attach to the car... I think I'm going to have to drill, but I've left it for now. As for the mirrors, they're actually quite aerodynamic [hard to see in the pics] and I reckon they have good laminar flow without unnecessary air 'kick-out' from their shape. I'd like to keep the car looking as stock as possible, but with some tiny tweaks that I can hopefully make look as OEM as possible.

The wind deflectors where bought when I studied in Cape Town with lots of Winter rain because the inside kept fogging up with closed windows (no AC). I know the current ones add to the FA, but I have a plan for a flush mod.

I know that knowing the exact fuel economy over the last [say] 200km just driven would be easily to calculate with a full tank that gets filled again to see the exact litre usage right now! However, wouldn't filling up the tank regularly add another 25 kg+ to the car that I don't usually carry? That is okay when on the highway, just cruising, but will have an effect on my morning city runs to work. I just figured that with about 10 x R200 stops under the belt, that even with a 'fuzzy' beginning, I'd already have a pretty accurate starting point for deriving an average use nowadays. I'm at 5 or 6x now. I'll post soon when I've done 10, because I also want one of those cool 90-days thingies at the bottom in my signature

So! I'll hardly ever know per trip usage, but I'd get a good idea if the graph comes down slowly over time and that's all I really need.

Guess I'm not ecomodder to the bone yet but under the skin, YES. Perhaps later I'll become more methodical.

@Robchalmbers - No auto choke here I'm afraid - as manual as they come. The manual choke gets stuck in the off position after a long drive, so starting her up the next morning is a bit of a hassle. The cable-housing is cracked and dries out with the heat, but lube sorts it out fairly quickly. Luckily though the CSL was like an entry level car [no radio or AC], but with the 5 speed box for FE. Early base-models here came with 4-speed. The carb gasket is still good, but the valve cover is leaking again as well as at the oil filter. I'll need to get that sorted.

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