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Good link. If we want to ever have a long term solution to our addiction to foreign oil, then yes, we need to end the massive subsidies that serve only to add a few extra Billions to the oil companies profits every 90 days and make oil executives even richer. And there are also massive homeland security implications as well since each time we fill up our Tahoes and Ford F350s with $150 bucks worth of gas, we are making our competitors and other potential parties who are anti US, even richer. ie: Middle East, Venezuela, Russia.

It will take a bold leader and US sacrifice to make this country change it's energy wasting ways. But if we don't make a change now, expect prices at the pump to double again even with the massive oil subsidies.

America desperately needs more energy from ALL sources and an energy plan that doesn't cater to only one group (big oilmen). We need to quit wasting Trillions in Iraq and immediately begin investing in truly groundbreaking and massive SOLAR, WIND, NUCLEAR, and HYDROGEN infrastructure. And we also need to remove regulations and open up our coastlines to huge offshore wind farms and deep water drilling to find all the great natural gas and oil deposits that are right in front of us, but current regulations prevent. This country needs a fundamental shift in thinking about energy and that is why this site and others like it are so special. You guys are the pioneers learning to survive in the new world of super high transportation costs and I expect this site and the others like it to grow a tremendous following over the next few years as the US energy crisis blossoms.

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