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Originally Posted by dustybarn
I'd suggest basing its control algorithm on ambient temperature rather than on coolant temperature (perhaps with overrides at low and high coolant temps). For example, the shutter might be fully shut at 30F and fully open at 100F, varying in between. The exact calibration would require experimentation. That way the grill opening would always be "just right" for the ambient temperature rather than being oversized at everything other than the maximum expected air temperature.

One could even consider a vehicle speed input so that the shutter gradually closes as speed increases.
Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Interesting idea. However, in winter this would not be ideal. You could do it if you still referenced the coolant temp and made sure it was above the thermostat open temperature.
I would guess it would only open above your lower setpoint, and you would still only cool to that lower set point, but the external temp could be used as above... or, you may be able to have it only open so far depending on outside temps, this may even be a manual input (3 settings, COLD (<30F, 1/4 open), nice (<70F, 1/2 open), HOT (>70F, full open)). Basically, the colder it is, the less it opens when actuated. The user figures out what temp to move settings. This would help limit the number of actuations.

Personally, I have thought that having the temps on different things would be nice. Coolant, Oil, Transmission, Ambient. If you kept the LCD interface (like the MPGuino) you could display all four to the driver. This would help with determining the above temperatures, and help the driver to make sure their other components don't overheat.
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