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Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
I just got a chance to play with it, very cool! Seems like gearing makes a large difference in my case (as I would expect).
Are you sure it's the gearing? Gearing is basically rpm @100kph. Did you change it from the base 4200?

My car is insanely highly geared (the defaults are for my car, and me), and a best case gearing for my car would be financially impractical IMO, the best I could do would be to increase tire radius by 15%, which might net a 9% gain at 100kph, lessening as I go slower. Going the whole hog would net me about 15% from memory.

Easier and cheaper to just take 20% longer to get to my destination, and travel at 80-90kph, and 100kph when I can't help it. At that speed, everything is working for me. Gearing is better, drag is way down, coasts are nice and long. It feels like riding around on a bike!

I can't help but think that there ought to be dedicated slow lanes on highways, where people can travel 80kph and not be pestered. It would open things up to vehicles like the Honda Cub etc.

If businesses were granted a fixed number of allotments where people could come to work and leave during morning and evening rush hours, traffic would be vastly improved and more efficient highway speeds would not result in more congestion. I used to hate the nanny state, but in this day and age it makes sense. At the moment the general population is behaving like a bunch of idiots, having feasts at the beginning of winter with the seed grain and the vegetables in the root cellar.

I wouldn't mind, but I happen to be sharing the same house with those idiots.

Anyway, I was thinking that gearing losses at speed might be useful. It would just be Loss = 100*[BSFCcurrent - BSFCbase)/BSFCbase]
Think about making a web version?
Not really, I like the open nature of ODF, and the fact that other people can double check my calculations (i.e. basic Open Source theory) so that other people can build on my work and everyone can benefit. Of course, someone else is free to do so. The equations are there.
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