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Originally Posted by Magister View Post
What could be done to make the display faster, is to disable the DCFO detection. Anyway if you never see 0.00L/100 or 999MPG when you coast and your car does not support DFCO, each cycle you could save the 2 PIDs for fuel status and throttle position. With this you could have almost 2 refresh per second instead of 1.
Caching the pids seems like a good idea. The refresh rate, when not showing actual pids is almost okay atm... around half a second. The other interesting pids I'd like to watch sometimes, are the same that are used in fuel calculations anyways. Throttle position, rpm and speed.
As my car supports DFCO, I'd like to keep that. Altho a setting in the config to disable it would probably be nice.

Regarding DFCO... My car does support it, but when the rpm drops so low that the car starts injecting fuel again to keep the engine running, the display still shows 0,00L/100. A bug in the software or an anomaly with my car?
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