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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
On a similar note, there is a line at intersections that you are supposed to pull up to with your front bumper. No, not halfway through the crosswalk and no, not 30 feet back from the line. Bumper over line. Yeah. I guess that's too much to ask... or, there is a widespread depth perception problem.
Hmm, I always thought you were supposed to stop with your bumper just behind the line, or the crosswalk, or where the crosswalk would be if there's sidewalks but no markings. Oh well, it's close enough.

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I will say that the Californians are much better than the Midwesterners in just about every respect.
Perhaps in terms of driving, but I wouldn't miss SoCal if it were to drift off into the sea. Hollywood is bad for America, and the Los Angelenos I've met live up to the region's reputation.
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