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oooo a SWUMBLE that pushes air into the engine. So you put this thing into the intake tract somewhere and it says it will increase the velocity of the air coming in?

So to increase the velocity of a fixed volume of air we add some restriction (the turbulence or "swumble" this gizmo causes) Bernoulli's principle tells us what happens when air travels over/around/through a restriction we get a velocity increase and a pressure reduction.

Same volume or air coming in through a restriction is not going to be as easy for the higher pressure ambent air to push into the engine. so the engine will be "sucking" against the drag of the restriction. Good news is that to make up for this restriction we can just open the throttle a bit more and the engine will just squirt the right amount of fuel anyway.

Another bit of luck for this thing is the little SWUMBLE makers look small, so it wont do much and what little it does do will be undone by intake valves and that bit of the intake tract down the line from this thing.

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