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I would be disappointed with a 17% decrease in energy consumption. I can more than double insulation thickness across everything but the door, so I would hope to see a ~50% drop in energy consumption.

My fridge breathes in through the front and out through the back, so I'll have to leave the vent unobstructed, but I can insulate most of the back.

I can get R19 in fiberglass for $25-35. R20 in Polystyrene would be $170.

I was thinking about framing a 6' tall studwall in 2x4 and finishing it with 0.25" drywall and paint, but I'd probably be better served by building a freestanding plywood box around the fridge. Given the dimensions of my fridge (28"x26" plus a 4" thick enclosure), I can use two batts of 15" wide insulation on each side, and I'd only have to cut one batt lengthwise.

I would build the right and rear walls, insulate them, slide the fridge in, then install the left wall (the pretty one) and the top.

Now, how do I get three 4'x8's home in the Insight? I think I'll screw them together, then attach a caster and a handle and walk them home - 1.3mi. I'll just have to wait for a day without much wind.
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