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I've spent some time driving around the country and I've noticed a few interesting quirks. The biggest one is the difference between city drivers and country drivers.

Country Drivers: Will wait at a stop sign until they can not see a car anywhere before pulling out. If they see one a mile down the road, they will wait.

City Drivers: Stop signs are suggestions.

Country Drivers: Freeway left lanes are for cruising, right lines are for pulling on and off.

City Drivers: Any lane will do

Country Drivers: Speed Limit signs are to be OBEYED!!! So its better to be 5 mph under!

City Drivers: Speed Limits are lower limits.

Now a rundown on peculiarities by City:

Chicago: If you see a turn signal in the next lane, it is a warning to get out of the way.

Detroit: 7 cars can make a left turn after the left turn arrow as turned off.

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