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Patrick, Neil, 3-Wheeler,

I refer to the paper written in 1982 and published 1983 by Morelli. But I have the same concern about copyright as you others do.

I would be glad to look at the Aerohead Template if I can find it. I really am not familiar with this ecomodder site, and tend to get lost. (That is not a criticism since I think I have not given it a fair try.) I will give it a try after writing this.

Neil, I am not sure we have to change topics since the Morelli shape is entirely directed to the issue of running an aerodynamic shape near the ground, and the Miastrada concept is directly related to this issue. I just use a different starting vehicle which is the USS Akron, ZRS4 shape from 1934 tests in NACA wind tunnel reported by Freeman. That paper we can look at since it is public and available both at the Miastrada site and the NASA reports server. (I would try to be more helpful but I am away from home now.) Then I use the Morelli rules to make slight adjustments given that the H value I use is on the upper end of the range tested by him at Pinnafarina (spelling?).

The degree to which the undercarriage impacts the performance of this Morelli modified, Akron shape is an important issue, and it is similar to the issues relating to support of models in wind tunnels. That is for the strut issues. The wheel train arrangement is intended to be a very small profile, single aerodynamic entity on both sides, with almost completely enclosed wheel wells, but the wheel enclosures are themselves pods that form nearly complete closures with the overall wheel train body for straight line travel.

I will try to find a few stray pages from the 1982 Morelli paper that would be fair use of that work.

Jim Bullis, Miastrada Company
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