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My minivan (26g) and my Econoline (35g) have the potential to do 600 highway miles on a tank. Neither of which are really that economical except when you consider their specific mileage.

I don't see the relevance of a Kilo-tank or a Kilo-Kilo except define the vehicle range which could come in handy in an emergency.

I know this next comment is OT:
I am ignorant of why you talk of imperial mpg, I had thought that england went to the metric system. Perhaps it is a bit like peru where they use the metric system for everything except fuel where they use the US Gallon. Or here in the USA where most medical is metric and the civilian population uses english measurement except of course for volume among others.

I still get a laugh out of NASA sticking a valuable weather satellite into Mars because the ground computers used Pounds and the spacecraft used Newtons in calculating thrust.
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