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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I walk like an Egyptian too!

That reminds me... my legs work for locomotion but I must be in the minority, as it is evidently too much effort to go ring the doorbell upon pulling up to someone's house; better to lay on the horn for a while so that the entire neighborhood knows someone there is being summoned.
My neighbour had a golfing friend who did this on Sunday mornings. Roll up outside, screech to a halt, a few beeps and then sat there with the engine running on his car, the radio blaring, windows open, smoking.

He made the mistake of doing this on the first Sunday we got our son home after he was born - the little chap was a little unwell and we just got him off to sleep after a disturbed night. I wasn't a happy parent.

Its amazing how loud a flat hand slapping the roof of a car can be when its done just right. Its also amazing how much of a shock factor this can have on the driver when they aren't expecting it, and indeed how much of a mess a dropped cigar can make of Rupert The Bear style golfing trousers.

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