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Hi everyone. First post by a newbie.

I started yesterday and went through the first 100 pages of postings, and then the last 50 or so. I have some of the history but not all. As someone commented, its like trying to drink from a firehose.

Great job everyone on contributing your expertise (ideas, testing, building, documenting) to promote the common good!

Although the system is open source and DIY, it is far from amateur. I've been a controls engineer for many years (almost 25? Yeesh I'm getting old) and I've torn down many boards from many vendors when they stop working. Few are as well laid out, with as much attention to detail, as your project is. If the engineers who were paid to design those electronics had the pride and perseverance that you do, the boards would not have failed in the first place. Your feedback system, where many people with differing experience levels take a crack at each step, IMHO, is how engineering is supposed to be. Design, build, test, discover, repeat.

I'm going to check out the 3 phase project, the BMS, and the charger.
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