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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
...home of the brave, or at least the most foolhardy of drivers. Some of the observations from my decade of being here.

2. Its perfectly fine to turn right on a roundabout from the left hand lane without indicating.

4. Riding the outside bumper of any vehicle in front as close as possible will immediately make them speed up or get out of your way. It happens all the time.

5. Traffic lights don't apply to bicycles.

6. Hazard flashers mean free parking anywhere.

9. Take the racing line everywhere. Remember, you are The Stig.

11. Being fat, lazy and usually orange (you get that tan from being in Scotland ?) is a disability, so use those special spaces.

18. ABS means you are invincible.

19. You can only refuel on the side where the cap is. Those signs saying 'fill up on both sides' don't mean you.

Honestly it is a strange place. This is the only place in the world where you will see people standing at a bus stop (because they don't have a car) carrying a set of Golf clubs worth more than 2K GBP.

2. This does My Tits in!! Also folk who cant maintain Lane Dicipline.. Sherrifhall roundabout is a prime Example.

4. I always find this a convenient time to commence my "Glide" Phase

5. They are mental, absolutely mental.

6. This is actually the fact in Spain-worked a treat for me in Madrid and Barcelona

9. I really should drag you accross some of the roads in the North West.. You CAN be the STIG!

11. This really gets my goat, I have, on occasion looked at blocking in these people, then showing as much contempt as they have by going shopping for 5hrs. My mother has a Blue badge, and mobility issues-its an important service, and one which should not be abused.

18. ABS + 4x4 + traction control just means you look like more of a pillock in 2" of snow as I pass you in my old BMW.. people mistake passive and active safety items for "Driving skill"

19. I take utmost Joy in using any free pump, bgetting ahead of the 10 cars waiting sheep like in line!Vive la ambedexterous (appaulling Faux Frenchery!)

as for the golf clubs, he'd probably just been on an "Aquisition Mission" to relieve the rightful owner..

I can see that all the points you rased can be attributed to individaul junctions on the A720, and would usrge you to use the A71 wherever possible!
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