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Originally Posted by Ecobalt View Post
In California, the mountain roads have pull outs for slower traffic to yield. Motorists use them and it works well. yay for California!!!
Last time I was in the states we did a trip from SF to Carmel. The trip 'to' was pretty much freeway which I drove, and Mrs A (who hates driving on the wrong side) got frustrated and decided she would drive back. Fine thought I, I would snooze after a beach day, Arragonis Jnr promoted to front seat.. Woo.

However 'Annoying Nora' (as we called the Hertz sat nav) decided we should do a mountain freeway thing on the way back.

Mrs A was not happy - everybody was 90+ (55-75 limt) and we were restricted by a USA made car (Buick fuggin Regal) which fell over on every corner - well to us it felt like it did - and everyone else drove BMWs - wonder why? And of course there was a guy in a Metro (go figure as I think you say) swaying from lane to lane - seemed like he was pished - not ecomiling at all, just swerving randomly.

But for the whole time we were stuck behind Mr beer nobody in Calif would let us out at all, despite lights kind of saying 'please'. Finally Mrs A just decided to pull out which resulted in tons of beeps and lights flashing. We just decided to sod it, and them.

We exchanged finger signs with California and the next day flew to MN - where they drive better but muppets in SUVs think the outside lane is for them and wonder why someone from Europe is passing them in a 4-cyl Toyota.

So why do Americans need so much power ? The answer is they don't.

Kind of makes me like the M8 in Scotland.
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