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Originally Posted by Automcdonough View Post
If said box would do any good to protect you from an unstable stick of dynamite, then yes. But it could occure anywhere in the system, off the batteries, failed wire insulation, etc.

Basically the safety factor is much more serious when you have stored energy at high voltages. On a 48V pack a short will give you some fireworks and perhaps a fire, but not a full-on EXPLOSION.

Sorry for the derail, I'm done w/ this, just wanted to point out that it is a factor I consider when choosing voltage. The average DIY hobbyist may not even realize what they are getting into.. some reading on wiki or something on arc-flash should clear up any questions or we could start a seperate thread on it.
The voltages are still too low to jump any significant distance. You could provide shielding to protect against exploding components, although the metal car would already provide a good amount of shielding since the inverter would probably be installed under the hood. Avoid putting batteries in the passenger compartment if possible, although the LiFePO4 batteries used in EVs are a lot safer than the Li-ion batteries in consumer electronics.
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