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Wow. Single phase AC blows my mind let alone 3-phase. You send a voltage out and then receive an opposite voltage back and yet the load somehow used power. It's like black magic (or maybe white magic cause it's good). That Tesla guy was amazing.

So basically you just need to know if the AC voltages are peak or RMS values. If you had a 144V RMS ac voltage source that could supply 300 amps per phase it sounds like from the 36kw example you would end up with 144*300 (this is an rms value) = 43.2 kw per phase or 129.6 kw total. The peak to peak voltages would be -204 and +204.

If your 144V was a peak value you'd end up with 102V rms at 300 amps per phase or a total of 91.8 kw.
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