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Wait, what is rms current? Does ac current follow a similar waveform to ac voltage? I guess it would since the voltage drives the current. So 300 amps rms per phase would really be 424 peak amps? So RMS Power = RMS current * RMS voltage? Would that mean that peak power is twice the RMS power? I guess it would since sqrt 2 times sqrt 2 is equal to 2. So I guess you would need to know if the 300 amp rating would be RMS current or a peak current. If you had a peak current of 300 amps per phase and a peak voltage of 144 volts your peak power would be 43.2 kw per phase and your effective power/rms power/ equivalent dc power would be half that or 21.6kw per phase for a total controller power of 64.8kw or 86.4hp. Not too bad but not as good as cougar. If the 144 and 300 values are both rms though you have 172.8hp, now that's more like it.
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