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Cool Newbie Question !! Next car opinion?

Hi !
Firstly id like to introduce myself ...
My names Mark and i come from sheffield in the U.K. !!
Curently i do not have a car, however a couple have caught my eye I hope to buy one in the next two months.
I am trying to select a car which will be good for long straightline speed only.( constant 70mph u.k. motorway speed limit )
Now this is where i could do with some of your experienced opinions...
The following choices are pretty much "dirty " shapes, however they have small frontal areas , so with a few select tweaks i hope to bring the cd down , and with the multiplication of the frontal area , bring that overall cda very low.
My first choice :
MKIV Triumph GT6

This is basically a triumph spitfire with a slightly different bonnet , a bigger engine ( irrelevant - the engine will be swapped to a modern smaller unit ) , but a fastback rear end !! specify , for the 1980 spitfire to have a cd 0.420 , which isnt great but with the low frontal area of 1.437 makes a nice cda 0.60 .
Going back to the GT6 , i have read , from unofficial sources , that the CD is around 0.38 , giving a total cda 0.431 ..... Better than the opel calibra 8v !!!
I would also be intending on adding an undertray and rear wheel skirts. Perhaps a windshield deflector ( its pretty steep in my eyes the windscreen )
Opinions? can anyone confirm my above figures ??

My second choice.
MG Midget
Now this is another one of my favourite cars , However , it is extremely hard to find any cd or frontal area data on ! ? !
It is a lot lighter ( roughly 3-400 kg) , due to it being the smaller car, smaller engine and probably a lot of other factors !
The mg midgets dimensions are 55"wide x 48.6" tall , 137inch long. ( these are based on a 1972 model , specs from, which im not too sure about trusting. )
I have only been able to find one value for the cd of this car ... 0.49.
Once again, unnoficial data so probably innaccurate. This is where i could do with some help !!!!

Here are some pictures of both cars.
Perhaps you could make some suggestions what could be done to these? ( im not after any boattails or other " extreme " mods !!! ) thanks for reading this post !!!

Triumph GT6

and the Midget
With a soft top, however i would be after the hard top add-on ( easily obtainable - however it is pretty much the same shape, so i dont know whether a custom fastback roof would be a good alternative ? )

Many thanks all look forwards to your replies !!!

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