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First tank w SG

Some interesting observations- The tank reading was .89 gals low from pump reading at fill up. But when the math was done I was better than I thought I would be (40.95 mpg last tank, 42.89 mpg this tank). That actual usage was better (lower) than the daily trip average. I plan to take the GPS with me today and check speed which appears to be about 2 mph low when compared to speedometer. While the MPG was better with the SG than without it the actual time in tansit was the same as when I was just driving for FE by the seat of my pants. It has told me about gradual grades that I didn' t realize were there and how best to accelerate. This is a good test bed as the trip is always the same except for weather 26.5 miles to work, 26.5 miles home almost no traffic and no deviations. I've found if I keep the LOD under 50 I keep the MPG over 40 and that is my target. Uppered the Tire pressure from 44 to 50 taday and will hold it through the next tank. But I really like this Scan Gauge. I was a little concerned that it couldn't really help me, but I think it is encourzaging me to continue to look for other economy measure.


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