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Hi Wagonman

I owned an 89 Celebrity wagon with a 2.8 liter V6. I got 22 mpg "all the time" except in winter. I got the EPA rated 29 mpg on highway trips.

I am sure that the roof rack and the "eight passenger spoiler" hurt the fuel economy. That spoiler was designed to keep exhaust from being sucked into the wing windows way in the back of the car. That is not the same concept as a spoiler that is designed to make air flow smoothly off the back of the car and leave a big slug of air that "just rides behind the car" in its wake.

Apparently, the MPFI in the 3.1 liter V6 makes all the difference for fuel economy.

I spent 40 hours changing two head gaskets in the engine. It was very intuitive. Then I gave the car to my mother and she drove it for another two years. It had ECM problems, but it never left us stranded.
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