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Originally Posted by Dave's Civic Duty View Post
Welcome! Be careful where you park it. I had mine stolen for the vx engine & tranny. Police told me that thieves have Honda master keys. Put some kind of a anti-start device in it so they can't just run away with it. Mine was a 94. I was getting 47 MPG in the middle of the cold snowy winter.

$400, good price. Good luck, have fun putting your vx back the way you want it!

yeah man hondas are pretty easy to steal unfortunately, luckily for me mine looks like a COMPLETE piece of crap, therefore rendering a thieve useless. in due time, i'll make a secondary key out of a serial connector that runs key features from the main relay and ecu. i also plan on purchasing a diy wideband and integrating it into the oem clock area to read ARF instead of the time, i've already made one of these for my integra, they are pretty sweet
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