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Question very high MPG cars in the Garage (60-80 mpg Honda Civic?)


I am a long time lurker with a manual 96 nissan sentra 1.6L in the 49mpg tank average range.

I decided to post a question about some cars in the Garage section of this website that I am not sure how they get such high mpg. I have made many mods to my sentra and find it very hard to break 50mpg

I wonder about PaleMelanesian PaleCivic: 1996 Honda Civic DX Sedan who states that he gets 60-80+mpg with his mods being Grille Block Tires 60psi
Scangauge Mobil1 5w20. I don't see how this is possible given that I have done the same mods and much more and am still stuck at 49mpg, what is PaleMelanesian doing that I am not since we have very simmilar cars?

Also rtrt2889 2003 Toyota Camry LE 3.0L engine claims 83.81 lifetime mpg with last 90 day average of 220.84, that is just a mistake right?

I am very interested in the PaleCivic, how does he do it? Is it because of Honda's lean burn? How can I get passed 49mpg in my 96 Sentra?