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Originally Posted by 96sentra View Post
I am very interested in the PaleCivic, how does he do it? Is it because of Honda's lean burn? How can I get passed 49mpg in my 96 Sentra?
PaleCivic does not have lean burn, and I imagine that even if it did, PaleMelanesian wouldn't use it. (Right, PM?)

My car does have lean burn, and a very lean burn at that. It's also more aerodynamic, lighter, and a plug-in hybrid. Yet PM goes farther on a gallon by hypermiling.

Engine efficiency is at its highest at low RPMs and fairly high throttle. If you want maximum efficiency, keep the engine operating there, and shut off the engine when you don't need power. Like AutoTeach said, "EOC amd P&G".

Also, driving very slowly uses less energy per mile. Thus, low-speed P&G.