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Thanks, Brian, for the input.

I've modded the frame, removing the subframe that supports the seat. You're right, My butt is pinched between the tire and the upper end of the shock and frame. To keep things simple, I'm stretching the swingarm. I don't want to get too ambitious and stretch the frame when I'm just starting on such a complicated project.

I'm keeping the engine in front of me to keep the bike relatively short, for simplicity, and for the small bit of security of having that mass in front of me rather than waiting to smoosh me from behind if I come to a very sudden stop.

The seat height will be about 19 inches. Splitting the frame and moving the swigarm pivot back while sitting behind the engine wouldn't help me get it any lower, because the chain is the limiting factor, and will still have to get from the front sprocket to the rear wheel in a relatively straight path. I could try to make some kind of serpentine path for the chain so I could lower the seat, but again, let's not get overly ambitious right away.

I really am inspired by Craig Vetter's Freedom Machine proposal, in which he expresses his desire to get lots of people excited about this sort of thing. Accomplishing that is a big motivator for me, and I want this thing to be something a lot of people will feel like they can build, too. I'm keeping it as simple as possible.

Vetter suggests a 100mpg lane, where there is no speed limit as long as you're getting 100 or better mpg. That's why he calls it the Freedom Machine proposal. Free from wasting high priced gas, free from foreign oil, free from so many restrictions! Everyone should read his proposal on his website.

After much deliberation, I figure the easiest and sturdiest way for me to lengthen the swingarm is to graft two swingarms together. The "A" shape of the swigarm allows one to nest inside the other.

I scored a complete 2-fiddy Ninja swingarm on eBay for $20, shipping included! Holy Cow, parts for this thing are plentiful!

Here are pics of the front portion of the stock swingarm, with the new swingarm trimmed to fit inside. It looks a little, uh, ghetto? Should be strong enough, though, as there is lots of surface for my booger welds to hold on to between the two pieces. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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