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amd was a mis type. As for easing your leg pains...

1st, its a 1.6 and doesn't have that tough of a clutch (although I have that big of a leg)

2nd, clutching into gear is necessary, clutching out of gear is not. Releasing drivetrain load with a careful throttle foot while keeping a very small load on the lever will get you into neutral with no damage to the synchros. I have driven all my manuals like this (especially going into a coast).

3rd, if you are EOC but not P&G, then you must only be coasting to stops. Combining the two strategies will yield gains. Finding the speed that your vehicle likes is also important. This is difficult if you dont have city or rural driving to do, as traffic can determine your ability to achieve these.

Things to try. Ditch the pass. mirror, if you dont want to do the antenna removal or relocate just bend it and reduce the frontal area of it as well as changing the profile of the antenna in relation to the air. There are a dozen more mods that you can make that cost nearly nothing.

Good job on the 50ish mpg, I never was able to do it.
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