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I made myself very depressed tonight. I have an escort zx2 that I had a 72 volt controller in but it just wasn't working for my commute (couldn't keep up on the roads). I was trying to hold out for the1000 amp version but I couldn't do it and was able to find a deal on a lightly used Curtis 1231c that I really didn't have the $ for. Well tonight I think I may have blown it. I have 6 decent no name marine batteries and 5 crappy ones. I have 2 extra contractors outside of the ignition contactor. They are wired such that when the car ignition is on one or the other is closed depending on the position of a switch. One contactor connects the negative of the good batteries to the controller for 72 volts and the other connects the negative of the last bad battery to the controller adding them all together for 132 volts. I tested both positions after installing in my driveway and it worked but haven't had to drop out the crappers since, until tonight. I was in a hurray so I took the highway at 80 MPH which really drained the crappers fast. When I got onto the surface street I decided it'd be a good time to try the switch. I was going 40, turned of the ignition, flipped the switch, ignition and the volts were into the 70s. Had to shift for more torque. Could only get about 100 amps in 5th gear and speed dropping to 30 so I said screw the crappers I need more speed. So ignition off, flip switch, ignition on 130 volts, throttle does nothing. Back to 72 and still nothing. With the ignition off and the precharge resistor on I now have 0 volts, the controller doesn't charge. I didn't think the jump from 72 to 132 would be to hard on the capacitors just once. Could there have been some back emf from the motor or something? I had to do a direct bypass to the motor to get home...that was fun. Oh yea, I have a 9 inch GE. I was hoping to sell the Curtis to pay for the 1000 amp I have a piece of junk and no funds and no controller. Am I overreacting or am I screwed? Any thoughts?
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