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Hi y'all

Hi y'all,

My name is Daren and I've three 1991 Honda Civic Hatchbacks and ecomodding aspirations. Which I've had since I first learned to drive in the late 80s. My Dad's 1976 Jeep had a 400 mile range with a 40 gallon tank. The Civic matched that range with a 12 gallon tank. That has served me well for the most part but I'm hoping to extend it more without replacing the car.

I first found this site in 2006 and have been quietly following projects and trying mods since. I've gotten to a point where I'll have to start asking questions cause I've not been able to find answers. I'll save those for their own postings.

When I found this site I was deciding what to do with my first and, at the time, only car. I'd had to take an emergency trip to Utah (death in the family) and managed to run over a horse. After a quick and dirty replacement of the radiator, I continued to drive some 5000 miles before getting home. My first idea was to replace the unibody frame since it'd taken an impact and the drivetrain obviously still worked. I found what I thought was a nice shell on the backlot of a used car dealership. It had a blown engine but passed the refrigerator magnet test. When I got it home and stripped out the interior I quickly decided that it would never see the road again. Aren't magnets not supposed to stick to bondo especially when it is over an inch thick?! I always thought so,... That is my second car, the junkyard in the backyard. To further degrade it, it has lotsa oilly residue and dirt especially under the carpet. The previous owner was a smoker who lived in Louisiana. So, either it is a Katrina flood car or smoking is far more of a disgusting habit than I thought. I really don't like to think about it too much, just use lotsa soap on anything I pull out.

My sister bought an SI version and swore that she'd never replace it. Then it started to have that no start when hot problem (the main relay). When I told her I could fix that quickly she told me that if I showed up with some cash I could have the car. That is how I got my third car, the Beater.

It does kinda irk me that when I entered the fuel logs into this site that the SI came up as being a hypermiller and my DX doesn't. I've been trying for years to eek out the most from the DX. My sister on the other hand drove the SI like she didn't have to worry about tickets. Grrrr...

My current plans hinge on the weather, the heat here in the Florida panhandle won't break for another 1-1.5 months. In the meantime, I'll keep driving the car with working AC, My Baby, even though she is well overdue for pretty much every maintence item there is. At that point I'll switch to driving the Beater and tear My Baby apart. While I'm driving the Beater I hope to get a good idea of what mileage I'll get out of it. Then I might try things such as swapping in the white DX's transmission and seeing how that works. Either way, the Beater will be the test machine as I don't what to risk My Baby's shinny paint to some ill conceived notion.

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