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Originally Posted by saand View Post
Edkiefer, thanks for the info,
I had assumed fairly low torque but i am assuming it will be half the torque at all RPMs assuming i get rid of the friction of the unused cylinders. I can test if the torque and power will be enough by simply unplugging the injector connectors of the appropriate 2 cylinders and test it out on the road.

I agree about the smaller more efficient 4 cylinder, ideally i would drop in a 1L 3 cylinder engine and be done with it but I am going for 0 cost mods and the interfacing to existing parts could be problematic as well.
So my aim here is to modify what i have in the car already unless i can get very cheap engine from a wrecker but the local wreckers charge a very high price for engines even if they are from really old cars and worthless to most people.

I have not looked up the weight recently enough to remember, ill have to have a look on the name plate. But i have reduced the weight a bit, took out AC, power steering pumps, condenser, carpeting, mirrors.

I think when i am able to in the next few days ill run the test with fuel only being injected into 3 and 2 cylinders and see how that goes. If that works well then it is only a question of balancing if i take out the pistons which will reduce overall friction.

Another method i could pursue is to not remove any pistons which will keep the balance but i could deactivate one cylinder by removing one injector connector and open up the input and output air valves so the only loss in the deactivated cylinder is friction of the piston going through the cylinder. Not sure if there will be much gain from that though
Ok, how about a 323 1600cc if my memory is right, same yrs as yours (late 80's, early 90's)

Ok, the problem of removing piston an rod is your oiling system needs rod bearing being in place or oil presure be 0 .

You might be able to do something like disable injector, then disable intake value rocker and leave exhaust working,

But that said I doubt you will like the running of the vehicle after you pull the 2 injectors .
I am saying this from being a mechanic for 25+ yrs and driving vehicles (4 cylinder) that had dead cylinder .

Give it a test and see .
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