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Hyundai Accent going for 50

hey everyone,

i just got myself a DD to drive to work and back. I used to have a hyundai accent in high school and got 27-29mpg on avg, but once on an all freeway cruise i managed 42 mpg so remembering that i know that driving carefully with the small 1.5L you can get good mileage.

i now got myself a totally base model 02 accent 1.5L 5spd without AC. The car weighs almost nothing and on my first tank i managed 37mpg. After changing the dirty air filter and pumping tires to 40 psi i got 42.7mpg on my 2nd tank.

This encouraged me to sign up here and see if i can get this lil fella to 50 mpg, while keeping it mostly stock.

anyone else with an accent/rio here?


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