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i have already thought this out and said it is unjustifiable for pricing and parts..

what you would need to do to achieve this.

1. plug up the intake and exhaust ports on the head, and grind off the lobe on the cam on cylinders 2 and 3.

2. get the bottom end balanced as it will be extremely offset to the side with the pistons and rods, as the piston and rods on cylinders 2 and 3 would be removed.

3. weld up the rod journals on the crank in cylinders 2 and 3.

4. pull the 2 injectors and plug wires as needed.

5. tune car based on these things.

problems with this setup would be:
rotating a crankshaft 360* with the amount of reciprocating weight had on most engines is a LOT for smaller displacement engines, idle speed would have to be set higher to compensate. higher idle speed is, the higher your gas bill would be.

balancing an engine wouldn't be cheap, adding parts to the mix wouldn't keep it cheap either, expect to spend 1k+ on any setup...

intake manifolds are designed to use the venturi effect to pull air into the engine to make power, removing 2 cylinders will remove part of that venturi effect and could cause problems with laminar airflow into the engine.

exhaust manifolds do the same effect but if i can remember correctly it is called the bernoulli effect with exhaust gas pulses.

time is money, thus if you're wasting time, you're wasting money...
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