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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Even VW's 3 cylinders run notably rougher than their 4-potters.
2 cylinder bikes also run rougher than 4 cylinders.
And those are purpose-built.

Don't get your hopes high, I'd expect it's going to start reluctantly, run very rough, and hardly make any power.

A 1.1L engine is really too small for a car the size of the 626.
It's going to be very thirsty when accelerating - you might not gain as much as you'd hope.

VW may be putting a 1.2L cylinder in the Gof Variant (station wagon), but that's got 105 HP ...
right, to be honest, I am not even sure it would start up ok with 2 cylinders disabled, especially in colder climates .
I think best hope is smaller engine if one is available that fits with little work(bellhousing, axles, electrical/ECU .
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