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Thanks Y'all!

I have a '95, so the scangauge isn't an option for me. I even had to check that it was OBD1 as a few of the '95s are actually OBD2, but mine isn't.

I have the B6-DE DOHC 1.6L, so I already have the littlest engine they came with, but I am 96%+ sure that I can take the transmission out of a 90-92 Protege with the 1.8L SOHC and change my final drive ratio from 4.105:1 to 3.649:1 which should improve my mileage (I've looked at both transmission at a "treasure" yard and by swapping the bell-housing it looks like it'll bolt right on).

I'm pretty lucky that the Miata used the same engine from 90-92 so there are some bolt-ons I can get for my engine. One that I'm really interested in is the turbo from a Mercury Capri XR2 (or Protege GTX) as it brings the max torque down to 3k from 5.5k rpm. I think with more torque at that rpm, the different transmission, a few aero mods (believe it or not, adding the spoiler from the GS version reduced the CD by .01), and I can get over 40mpg combined. I'm also looking at lightweight wheels, rear wheel skirts, a belly pan (with or without a body kit to serve as an air dam) and narrower tires.

Of course all these plans depend on having time AND money together, which is the tough part when I'm working full time, and finishing my degree, so I have started doing more EOC during my commute and turning off my engine at long stop lights.

Great FE all,

*Time period is from 1 January 2006 - 1 March 2007*
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