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Hello new here 2008 Suzuki SX4 Sport Sedan MT

I have been checking out the site. I'm amazed at the results some have had with there mpg. I live in just outside of Denver Colorado I comute 37 miles each way to work. I grew up in Vegas and have heavy foot most of the time. So it has been a real difficult for me to change the way I drive. I love to drive and I like to drive fast. So my plan is to use the money I save on gas for toys for the car. My average mpg was 32.4. All I have done so far is change they way I drive and have managed to bump my average to 37.1. That seems to max with just driving habits. 95 percent of my drive is all highway. I will still put my foot into it when I head up to mountains since that when I find driving most enjoyable. The only mod I have done to the car is a K&N air filter. So I am looking for Ideas to save money on the daily grind. I must note that I'm not willing to go with out the creature comforts I spend way to much time in the car each week to not be comfortable. Thank you in advance for you input.

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