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Originally Posted by saand View Post
Thanks edkiefer, good link explains balancing well. If others dont know if a 2 or 3 cylinder engine is "balanced" as described in the link in the last post by edkiefer it doesn't mean the engine will be free of vibration as other modes of vibration occur.

Well i tried out removing the injector signal to 1 and 2 injectors and it was an interesting ride. The car lugged a lot when accelerating up but if i was sitting at 70 kph it was drivable. I believe the lugging is because there is a dead spot in acceleration during a quarter of the cylinder cycle so less power therefore require higher revs to go to the next gear. My automatic car obviously didn't know this so every time it went up to the next gear it would lug. So i don't think i can go any further until i see if i can make a manumatic out of my auto.

In general besides the lugging it wasn't too bad i think when actually moving at speed i would barely notice the missing cylinder.

Not sure about vibration though which could compromise the life of engine parts.

So at this stage im going to look into changing my car to a manumatic and ill have to think about if i can deactivate a cylinder on the fly from the cabin. This would let me get up to highway speeds, deactivate a cylinder and reduce some fuel usage. The issue i have to think about is how to stop the pumping losses of the cylinder on the fly
For sure 2 cylinder made from manufactures are balanced , like all the motorcycle engines , but that not going to stop them from vibrating Harley's are good example .

Your problem is you have 2 counter balance weights on the crank that you would not want (plus the rod journal )

Going from AT to MT would probably be much better improvement and easier . I forget, what speed is the AT on 626 , 4speed ? . If 5 speed MT is available that would be nice improvement .Better performance with improvements in mpg due to extra gear and less drivetrain losses .
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