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Shadetreemech good to hear from someone that has tried to deactivate cylinders, I had not thought of the problem of excess fuel in the cylinders flowing past the piston rings. I will have to do something with the unused cylinder exhaust ports if/when i attempt this again.
Interesting to see you say there are 2 cylinder engines that can run smooth. Do you know what configuration that is in? a straight two, v twin or boxer twin (flat). I understand that a flat engine design can be perfectly balanced however if i was to convert my car into a 2 cylinder it would be a straight 2 and my initial concern was if it would be inherently unbalanced due to a pulsed firing order or from the 2 cylinders going in the same direction all the time and counter balances cant account for the piston movement up and down.
I guess the question is, has anyone driven a 2 cylinder engine that is a straight 2 and was it vibrating all over the place or smooth. If anyone can tell me it was smooth then this mod might be workable.

I am still going to have to convert to a manumatic before i can progress with this cylinder deactivation mod anyway, the lugging was very unpleasant when testing.
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