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thanks for the info so it looks like I have some things to do I will do my research and think it to death, what ever i do will have to be cheap and look good. I am not willing to uglifiy my car to mpg. My avg is now up to 39.5 so i am really pleased with just driving habits on the daily grind to and from work. i have not played with air pressure in the tires yet. i forgot to check on the RPM's I will do that on the way home. I did not hit 70 this morning i was following a fed ex truck (2.5 secs behind him) most of the way so i did not exceed 65. I have had really good luck letting other cars break up the wind for me. so if it wasnt for that i do not think my results would be nearly as good. I always maintain a safe distance according to the laws and doing so is still helpful.
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