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I am not positive, but it's my understanding that the only things that you need are a Battery (12v Power Source), a Ground, a VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor), and Fuel Injection. If your truck has Fuel Injection, this **should** work.
Shouldn't your truck have OBD2, and thus work with a Scanguage?
My brother took his car off the road, and it needs a new tire, so we tried to install his MPGuino (prebuilt) into his "new" 1991 Chevy Cavilier wagon. We couldn't locate his VSS no matter what we tried, I may have to buy a manual for his car I would recommend finding all the wires you need ahead of time, I bet if I knew which wire to tap for my brother's VSS, it would be a 30 minute install, most of which would be running wires.
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